Yamato Izakaya

Revamped, redesigned & Refreshed

Published: May 9, 2019
Yamato Izakaya’s main page now has a background video which shows you snippets of our restaurant. 
The video shows how our Man Man Unagi is prepared, grilled the traditional way by using binchoten charcoals and also featuring many other dishes that our restaurant provides. This small little teaser is provided with the intention to tickle your taste buds, giving you a mouthwatering sensation. 
The website also features a brand new “News & Events” tab, which features articles about our restaurant, interesting topics about our food.

The menu has a totally brand new plugin, which allows the user to digitally look through our restaurant menu, as if he/she was looking at the real menu.

There is also a floating sidebar that links to our social media sites, which can be accessed anytime at any web page!
Feel free to play around the website and feel free to give us some feedback through the “Contact Us” page. 
The “Contact Us” page has also been revamped to be much more user friendly. 

Yamato Izakaya l Oxley Bizhub
65 Ubi Road 1 l #01-92
Tel: +65 6935 2925
Email: admin@yamatoizakaya.com.sg

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